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From the Mouth of a Grandkid-they are always a marvel!

I thought I need to re-post this from Tori. She gave me the go-ahead. Click on the link to go to her site.

From the Mouth of a Grandkid | torimcrae

I love the things kids say. Sometimes words of wisdom. Sometimes self-revelation

Sometimes they just make me laugh. Here’s a ‘new’ one from Shannon:

She woke up very early Sunday morning. “Grandma, can I watch cartoons?”


“Can I watch a movie?”

“No movies. No TV.” Her access to the tube is controlled and limited.

“Can you turn on some music?”

No, Shannon. I don’t have time to find a station.”  I needed to put together a big bowl of potato salad for a Father’s Day Barbeque after church and I knew it would take most of the time I had left for getting it and myself ready to go.

“Don’t you like silence,” I asked her.


“Is that why you talk all the time? To fill the air with noise?”


Mystery solved. Now I know why there is non-stop chatter from the time she wakes up until the time she falls asleep. The only time it stops is when she is watching a TV program she’s interested in. Other programs or even music don’t really stop the talking. Her mind works a-mile-a-minute and there is no filter between her brain and her mouth. If she thinks it she says it. <Big sigh.>

Today I told her mother about my discovery.

“Oh, yes,” she laughed. “I know that. We’ve had that discussion before.”

It appears there really is nothing new under the sun — not even Nonni’s ‘new’ discovery.

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Prof–> writer —-> huh? (cont’d)

As parents of preschoolers I think that sense of power which we as Mothers have is something to handle with care. Our preschooler should never feel overwhelmed and lose their sense of self. If our children feel powerless then their self confidence is diminished leading to rather deviant behaviour as they progress. Independence and innovation go hand in hand. The independence is on the child’s side, the innovation is on our side as we think of new ways to cope with peace and empathy, our child’s attempts at asserting that self-confidence.

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Moms are blessed!

Ella Weatherspoon points out:

Woman if you have a spouse who is in the household and he is a good provider, woman count your Blessing, but if you are one who does not have the help of a spouse, you are single, divorced, but you still have income or family members who help you are also blessed. Never lower your self esteem thinking that you are less. You are very valuable, think of yourself as a Queen. Change your mind set from thinking that you are not wanted, or you are nobody because you are alone. Use this alone time for good. As we say, this should be a time To Do You!


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Thought for the week!

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A challenge from Torimcrae

A wonderful blogger named Tori challenged me to think about creative writing with a 15 minute time line. This was my attempt! It need to include the words. shadows, creature, saddlebags, forest, walk.

I am definitely a creature of habit. Even as I walk down Main street I find I have to stop and look in every store with crazy pretty decorations. Stores are so fine. They tell you so much about the owner. In a small town like this,  the store decorations change every week and the owner gets all excited outdoing the next-door neighbour.

The one I really like tho is the one with the horse stuff. I know there is a special name for it but I can’t remember it right now. There are saddlebags, shoes, riding pants, boots, lots of ropes and all types of goodies. The best thing is the smell that wanders out the door from time to time. That smell is better than that one I smelt one day in the forest when I stumbled on a pile of logs in the shadows and something had been lying there for some time. That was long ago so I don’t even remember it. I like this smell better.

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an extract from my book

One of the biggest problems for the new mother is lack of sleep. No matter what you do you never seem to be able to catch up. A consequence of this is an uneven temperament and sometimes irritable behavior at the drop of a pin. But now the child is 3+. No more excuses/rationalizations. You are there for your child! As often and as long as called for! What a responsibility.

To nurture. So this is what we call nurturing. Caring with intent! The intent being the provision of an environment in which the child grows and flourishes and you should thrive. Nurturing is a two, three, four way process. A lot of love and attention goes to the child but you and the others in the family environment cannot do that unless you are feeling good about yourself.

So the first rule: do the same thing every time. Forget the screaming. Stop feeling your child is impossible and ungovernable.

Remember Little  _______________  is one of a kind.  _________ is my/our special person, today, tomorrow, always. No stops and so starts.

Please add some comments. Much appreciated!

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Prof–> writer —-> huh?

Moving from academic writing to readable writing is a trip! Over the past many years, writing for the privileged few meant that those I really wanted to hear were excluded. my blog has to correct this. Writing is words, my feelings , what I want you to hear..I am learning  from reading the blogs that I follow..Thanks you all.

So on to parenting.. You know, parenting is an everyday job, full time , no ease-up as the people say. When the young one gets to 3 years old…….yeah…I can take my first breath. Then we start all over again. People always say “well when they get to 18”.. and you smile, as there is no cut off point. Not if we have any relationship with our children. But then I am really interested in the 3-6 year old. the focus of my book. (to be continued)

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He hit it on the head!!

I find that the 3-6 year old girl  needs her father as much as the boy needs him. The boy turns to him for role modelling. She turns to him for testing out behaviours.  In each case the relationship is invaluable in the building of a sense of external self.


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Parenting is really hard!!!

what do you think of this?

Please leave a comment!!

Facebook is really going after the next generation.

Now they’re announcing they may soon let kids younger than 13 join the social network.

It’s a move that has kids cheering and parents adding one more thing to their list of worries.

Facebook says if it happens, they will let parents link their own accounts to their children’s’. They would also be able to control friend requests and third party apps.

Parenting experts fear it may not be enough, though, to keep kids safe in an evolving online environment.

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while I write it’s LOVE!

Thought you might like these lyrics from Rita Marley
Love lyah, Love iyah.
Peace and Love lyah,
Love Iyah, Love Iyah
Just a little love Iyah
My brother says Love lyah
My sister says Love lyahThis life is not for the weak but for those whose hearts are strong
Hatred begets evil but with love you can’t go wrong no I say
Love lyah, Love Iyah, Oh I say Love Iyah
All the people say Love lyah, Love Iyah, oh Love lyah
Come on children Love Iyah
Glory Train Love Iyah

They will rise in arms against you in the name of the lawmakers
And turn your brother against you and make wrong the good you’ve done
But I say
Love lyah, Love lyah
My brother says Love lyah
My sister says Love Iyah
And I say Love Iyah, Love Iyah
Peace and Love lyah, Love lyah

They will try to buy your souls with money,
Bribing with milk and honey
Distorting the youths in their minds
Doping the wool they pull over their eyes
Is just another Love lyah, Love Iyah
My brother says Love Iyah
My sister says Love lyah
Ail the people say Love lyah, Love lyah
I and I say Love Iyah
Even the babe Love lyah

Jah call on the youth cause they’re strong
Don’t give your strength in vain now
Seek ye first the Kingdom all good things shall be added
here I say Love your enemies
Bless all those who curse you
Do good to them that hate you a tell you
Pray for those that oppress you
And tell them is one Love Iyah
Peace and Love Iyah
My brother say
Love lyah


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