Blogging does not come naturally. I have spent the past twenty plus years writing but blogging is a whole new experience. I look forward to this means of communication, inspirational dialogue where both me and you express ourselves and how we feel.

I come from a life of academia where the written and printed word rules. My latest attachment was to Dalhousie University. Before that I was up north freezing in the cold (-35 outside, Thank Goodness for state of the art heating!!) at University of Northern British Columbia.

Hailing from Jamaica, family is the key! All my research revolves around the family, their strengths, challenges, problems, losses, gains and on and on. All different types of communities also;  rich, poor, closed, informal and on and on. As time passes and children grow ……change.

It is not surprising that this blog is dedicated to parents and caregivers as they triumph over adversity, hold on to their culture and groom the next generation.




  1. Eleanor: I’m glad you took time to stop by my blog post “Simplify Life: Choose a Theme” and liked it. I hope you’ll stop in again. Your site is interesting and I’m sending the URL to my daughter and will encourage her to take a look at your book.

    • thanks Tori. the book should be out by the end of the month. this is the promo so she should sign up!!

  2. Hi Eleanor, I’m concerned about Tori. She was very supportive towards me when I first started blogging and now seems to have disappeared after a rough time a while back. Do you have any contact other than leaving comments on each other’s blogs?

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