Posted by: nelinor | June 27, 2012

Writing contest from Tori

Lordy me! What  a sight. The man had left the trailer music roaring out of the thing. I couldn’t even hear myself when I passed. And all the people in the square were just standing there speechless and doing nothing. It never fails to amaze me how useless people are when they are shocked. Silent, speechless, pointless in fact. Well the day passed without further ado and I left the town , moving on.

Wondering around the countryside can be pretty exciting and at other times, downright boring. I find the boring bits less though as there is always something to marvel about. You see I come from a family of music lovers and that trait remained over the years. Music lifts my soul! Sometimes a bit too high but lifts it nonetheless. It’s not just the words or the lyrics. No. It’s de riddim. Like Sammy Davis jnr says it’s the riddim which drives the life. Can’t remember his words in the song but it was something like that.


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