Posted by: nelinor | June 15, 2012

an extract from my book

One of the biggest problems for the new mother is lack of sleep. No matter what you do you never seem to be able to catch up. A consequence of this is an uneven temperament and sometimes irritable behavior at the drop of a pin. But now the child is 3+. No more excuses/rationalizations. You are there for your child! As often and as long as called for! What a responsibility.

To nurture. So this is what we call nurturing. Caring with intent! The intent being the provision of an environment in which the child grows and flourishes and you should thrive. Nurturing is a two, three, four way process. A lot of love and attention goes to the child but you and the others in the family environment cannot do that unless you are feeling good about yourself.

So the first rule: do the same thing every time. Forget the screaming. Stop feeling your child is impossible and ungovernable.

Remember Little  _______________  is one of a kind.  _________ is my/our special person, today, tomorrow, always. No stops and so starts.

Please add some comments. Much appreciated!


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