Posted by: nelinor | June 15, 2012

A challenge from Torimcrae

A wonderful blogger named Tori challenged me to think about creative writing with a 15 minute time line. This was my attempt! It need to include the words. shadows, creature, saddlebags, forest, walk.

I am definitely a creature of habit. Even as I walk down Main street I find I have to stop and look in every store with crazy pretty decorations. Stores are so fine. They tell you so much about the owner. In a small town like this,  the store decorations change every week and the owner gets all excited outdoing the next-door neighbour.

The one I really like tho is the one with the horse stuff. I know there is a special name for it but I can’t remember it right now. There are saddlebags, shoes, riding pants, boots, lots of ropes and all types of goodies. The best thing is the smell that wanders out the door from time to time. That smell is better than that one I smelt one day in the forest when I stumbled on a pile of logs in the shadows and something had been lying there for some time. That was long ago so I don’t even remember it. I like this smell better.


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